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Alcohol MIST Micro-Droplet Liquid Shot Dispensing System.


The NEW Alcohol MIST II systems provide even better balloon shots with the redesigned internal mixing system. Each shot contains more liquid micro-droplets for better flavor and a stronger effect. Durability for the internal mixing system has also been improved for 3X the lifespan, making the new Alcohol MIST II systems trouble-free for years!


Alcohol MIST Mini Plus let’s you enjoy the magic of our game-changing Alcohol MIST system wherever and whenever. It's powerful enough to be used commercially and portable enough to be used at home. It comes in a white finish and either 110V or 220V. Your bar will be the talk of the town. 


Capacity: For bars and pubs with up to 100-person capacity.


*Patent Pending


What makes Alcohol MIST special?

The Alcohol MIST system is a one-of-a-kind creation that brings a whole new way to experience alcohol. It fills serving balloons with a fine mist containing micro-droplets of liquid alcohol ready to be enjoyed.


This innovative way to enjoy the spirits you love gives you an instant buzz that some describe as uniquely distinct from your everyday drinking experience. It also has 1/60th the calories of a normal shot and leaves your system quicker, making it potentially even safer.


Make $7,500+ per bottle of liquor! Due to the efficiency of the system, up to 1,500 Alcohol MIST shots can be produced from a single 750ml bottle of alcohol.


Alcohol MIST is perfect for events and festivals where washing glassware is not possible. The system uses latex balloons which are cost effective and easily managed.


Transform your idea of what a party can be with this unique piece of home bar equipment.


**This new dispensing process does not involve the vaporization of the alcohol. Alcohol MIST Mini Plus is not a vaporizer and is not categorized as one. It is a dispenser of liquid alcohol just like any other automated shot dispenser.


PLEASE NOTE: You are not obligated to use balloons from our company and can purchase them from a third-party. However, Vapshot, Inc. cannot be responsible for the quality of the third-party balloons nor any issues that may arise, no matter what the issues may be.


MODIFICATION NOTICE: You are not authorized to modify or alter our products in any manner. If you do, all warranty, support, and replacement parts are immediately void, terminated, and made unavailable, and we are no longer responsible for the performance, safety, or operation of the products. 

Alcohol MIST Mini Plus II

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