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Drinking is so 2013…

Vapshot mini transforms alcohol to vapors for a unique new take on adult beverages


What if there was a brand new way to enjoy your favorite alcoholic beverages that’ll get the party started faster and won’t slow you down? Something new, trendy and sciency…yeah, we just made up that word. 

​Introducing Vapshot vaporized spirits.

That’s right, you’ve probably heard about it all over the news and now you can enjoy vaporized alcohol anytime at home or at one of your awesome parties.

Vapshot mini is designed to vaporize alcohol, which you can inhale with a straw. It hits you instantly and kick starts your buzz!

Vapshot mini is simple to set up and use. Put your favorite liquor into the machine, inject the mixture into the Vapshot serving bottle and you’ve got a Vapshot ready to go!

Twist to pop the top and you’ve got yourself a vaporized drink that’s going to rock your world.

Vapshot mini is fast, fun and versatile. You can create a vapor only shot, a shot of liquor with a vapor shot, or even a full mix drink with a vapor shot.

​Constructed of the highest quality materials, Vapshot mini comes in two finishes, white and stainless steel. No matter which you choose, Vapshot mini is bound to be the hit at all your parties!

Vapshot is the only laboratory tested product for vaporizing alcohol. Using information published by OSHA, one of the most respected agencies for safety, Vapshot is well within the acceptable levels for inhaling alcohol.

Vapshot mini is small and portable so it’s is ready to hit the road when you are. Use it by your pool, on your boat or even when you’re camping. Vapshot mini will get your party started anytime, anywhere… instantly, so check out the future of adult beverages today. Vapshot mini, catch the buzz and inhale responsibly…

Vapshot mini will be publically showcased Friday July 18th at the Engadget Live event in Seattle. In addition, Vapshot will be features in multiple upcoming episodes of Hotmixology on SPIKE TV.

​Vapshot mini is price as follows: White ($699) or Stainless Steel ($899) and comes with two serving bottles. Additional serving bottles are available for ($9) each.

Vapshot mini is designed for years of trouble-free service but not recommended for commercial use. Bars, clubs and restaurants should consider the commercial version of the Vapshot machine, which is designed for high-volume and can serve up to 720 shots per hour.  


Size: 8 3/4" (w) x 13 1/4" (h) x 11 1/2" (d) / 222.25mm (w) x 336.55mm (h) x 292.10mm (d)
Mechanical components: Food or medical grade
Construction: Stainless steel, aluminum and HDPE
Voltage: 110 / 60Hz and 220v / 50Hz 
Product weight: 17 lbs / 7.71 kg (white version) / 19 lbs /  8.62 kg (stainless steel version)
Shipping weight: 22 lbs / 9.98 kg

Vapshot mini manual 

(click on top left image below to view)

product update: 08/25/2014

In our continual efforts to produce the best products possible, we have made the following changes to the vapshot mini.

1.) All Vapshot mini models will be shipped with a funnel to be used for easier filling of the internal alcohol container.

2.) A release valve has been added to be used to depressurize the system before opening the top to the internal alcohol container.

NEW! Rental Program Now Available! - Get a Vapshot Pro Commercial unit or the new Vapshot Mini+ Commercial unit into your bar or club FREE with no long term commitments or payments of any kind! Call 512-628-9555 or Email: Sales@Vapshot.com.


LAST CHANCE TO PURCHASE A VAPSHOT MINI- We will no longer offer the Vapshot mini for sale at the end of April. This is your last chance to purchase a Vapshot machine for home or personal use. After April 30, 2015, we will only offer the new Vapshot Pro commercial models for sale or rental...so get'em while you still can!