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We elected to use the breathalyzer testing method because it can detect alcohol in the human body up to twice as long as a blood test. (Brethalyzer up to 24 hours / Blood test up to 12 hours). Reference for this information is: 






Summary of the testing:

1.) They selected 2 people for testing. One male and one female.

2.) The Vapshot machine was filled with 190 proof alcohol, the highest available in most states.

3.) They had the female test subject consume a 1L bottle of Vapshot vapors and then conducted the test at 1 minute. Then they conducted a second test about 30 minutes later. The results for the female test subject were an alcohol level of 0.050 after 1 minute and a 0.00 after 30 minutes.

4.) They had the male test subject consume two (2) 1L bottles of Vapshot vapors one after another and then conducted the test at 1
minute. Then they conducted a second test about 30 minutes later. The results for the male test subject were an alcohol level of 0.062 after 1 minute and a 0.00 after 30 minutes.


Actual test results with "evidence" labels are available upon request. Please contact: support@vapshot.com

Please note: The Department of Transportation regulates the testing service and the testing equipment it uses. It does not endorse or gives approval to products like Vapshot. 

precision vs. quantity

A Vapshot is designed to put just the right amount of alcohol into your system to give you the desired effects of an alcohol buzz. 

Drinking is a way to achieve the same result but using a comparatively more massive amount of alcohol that requires your body to use its organs to buffer the excess alcohol or other mechanisms like throwing up to expel it.

Why would you soak your entire body in alcohol to catch a buzz when a small, precise amount will do the same?

why vapshot?

Vapshot (vapor only) is designed to allow you to experience the fun parts of drinking alcohol while minimizing the bad parts. With Vapshot, you can have a great buzz all night with a much lower chance of having a hangover the next day. At 1/60th the amount of a normal shot of liquor, Vapshots may even mitigate the possible health issues stemming from the consumption of alcohol in liquid form. Other social effects of Vapshots may include decreases in drunk driving, resulting in a reduced number of auto accidents and saving lives. 

Binge drinking - liquid alcohol vs. vapshots

With a traditional drink it takes approximately 20 minutes before the majority of the alcohol reaches your small intestines, followed by the pancreas and then the liver. During this time, it is possible the eventual effects of the drink will not have manifested physically yet, making the individual think he or she can continue to consume more alcohol. Often times if the individual stacks their drinks, meaning shot after shot or drink after drink, they won't know the total effects until it's too late and have over consumed. The worse part of all this is it will take hours for the alcohol to break down to allow them to be sober again. (Reference for this information is: http://alcoholism.about.com/od/work/qt/How-Long-Does-Alcohol-Stay.htm)   

Vapshots have an almost immediate effect so the individual will know much quicker and be warned of the effects of the alcohol they just ingested. In addition each Vapshot only lasts about 10 to 15 minutes. It leaves the body much faster than drinking so it's hard to accumulate a lot of it like drinking. If you are trying to consume one Vapshot after another, by the fifth one you are consuming, most of the first one will already be out of your system.

Expelling excess alcohol 

When too much alcohol is in the system, the human body attempts to expel the excess amount by throwing up. This is typical when drinking alcohol in liquid form.  

1/60th of a 1oz shot equating to 0.49 ml is injected into the serving bottle, which is then partially vaporized for each Vapshot. This results in a tiny amount multiple times lower than even published standards for extended exposure in the workplace.

Concerns expressed by doctors in regards to excessive alcohol vapors in the lungs that cannot be expelled by throwing up originates from other alcohol vaporization systems providing a continues stream of vapors whereby the user can inhale alcohol breath after breath for extended periods of time. That is needed to create the excessive amount of alcohol in the lungs because of how quickly the lungs dissipates alcohol out of the human body. Vapshot is not that type of product and cannot be used in that manner or modified to be used in that manner. 

Lasting effects of drinking vs. vapshots (vapor only)

0.05 Breathalyzer Starting Level: Vapshot reaches 0.00 level 15 minutes after consumption / Liquid alcohol takes approximately 3.5 hours to break down.

0.09 Breathalyzer Starting Level: Vapshot reaches 0.00 level 25 minutes after consumption / Liquid alcohol takes approximately 6 hours to break down.

(Reference for liquid alcohol duration times: http://www.md-health.com/How-Long-Does-Alcohol-Stay-In-Your-System.html)

Please note: If you drink a shot of liquor and then consume a Vapshot, the effects of the Vapshot will be gone much quicker than drinking another liquid shot instead of the Vapshot. If you are worried about over consumption, drinking is by far the easier way to cause that to happen.

The information on this website may change without notice, even though every care has been taken to provide the information accurately at the time of publishing, sometimes things do change. If you have additional information contrary to what is presented, please contact us: community@vapshot.com 

CAN SCIENCE POTENTIALLY MAKE consuming alcohol SAFER and more enjoyable? 

Read, verify, and decide for yourself!

(updated test data, information, and references for vapshot)

Glycol and Glycerine FreE

Unlike e-cigarettes, Vapshots do not contain glycol or glycerine. There is no introduction of any additional chemicals or compounds when consuming a Vapshot other than the liquor in vapor and liquid form. Designed to be offered as single serving portions, Vapshot is not a system for continual and constant delivery of vapors.

No heat or chemical reactions

The Vapshot vaporization process does not require any heat, which can produce vapors that may cause a burning sensation when consumed. In fact, Vapshot can be served at room temperature or even chilled. Other vaporization products use either heat or a chemical reaction to vaporize the alcohol, thereby introducing factors that may be a negative to health and safety. Vapshot is not in that same category of products.

Alcohol in lungs even when you drink

A common misconception is when a person drinks alcohol, it's not the same as consuming alcohol in vapor form because the liquid does not make direct contact with the lungs. However, the truth is when alcohol is consumed in liquid form, it is processed by the body and introduced into the bloodstream and is absolutely transferred into the lungs as well as other vital organs. This is exactly why breathalyzers are used as the preferred method of detecting alcohol in a person's body, because drinking spirits introduces alcohol into the lungs. 

you are vaporizing alcohol every time you drink

Contrary to belief, every time you enjoy a drink containing spirits, you are in fact inhaling vaporized alcohol. When you sniff a glass of wine or simply breathe in after taking a sip of your favorite whiskey, alcohol in vapor form is being introduced into your lungs. The nature of alcohol is to turn into vapor form when introduced to heat and / or air, which is exactly what happens in your nasal cavity or mouth. Often times orally ingested spirits remain inside your mouth and throat for extended periods of time, therefore you are in essence vaporizing alcohol for hours. Depending on the amount of alcohol you may consume, which being in concentrated liquid form has a vastly larger concentration of alcohol and much longer duration of effect, it's highly possible you are placing more alcohol in vapor form into your lungs than a Vapshot in any given time period.  Because Vapshot is served in a regulated per serving size, it is possible to quantify the levels of intoxication and levels of acceptable ethyl alcohol in the lungs as shown above, which are both significantly lower than consumption of a traditional liquid shot or mixed drink.  

vapshot inhalation levels

In order to show consuming Vapshots were well within published safety levels, which would take into account concerns such as the prevention of alcohol poisoning, we used OSHA’s safety level specifically dealing with inhaling ethyl alcohol. It is applicable to our products because in both instances we are measuring the accumulation of ethyl alcohol in the lungs, wither it’s a person standing continuously in an entire room filled with alcohol vapors or breathing it from the serving bottle of a Vapshot a few times per hour.

The OSHA safety standard is as follows: the weighted average of a person breathing in an environment containing 1900mg/m(3) of ethyl alcohol vapors for the duration of eight hours, which is calculated by taking the total amount of ethyl alcohol vapors breathed in over seven hours divided by eight.

OSHA Safety Standards can be found here:


OSHA Sampling and Analytical Methods / Ethyl Alcohol (Organic Method #100) can be found here: https://www.osha.gov/dts/sltc/methods/organic/org100/org100.html

Given that, we have the following:

  1. A person (men) breathes in and out about 6 liters per minute

  2. There are 1000 liters in a m(3)

  3. If the limit for the amount or ethyl alcohol in a room is 1900mg/m(3) then there are 1.9mg/liter

  4. If a person breathes in and out 6 liters per minute that means 11.4mg of alcohol is breathed in per minute (1.9 x 6 = 11.4)

  5. That means 684mg of alcohol is breathed in every hour (11.4 x 60 = 684)

  6. The total amount of alcohol breathed in during seven hours of an eight hour period is 4788mg (684 x 7 = 4788)

  7. This amounts to a weighted average of 599 mg per hour (4788 / 8 = 599)

To calculate the amount of alcohol accumulated consuming a Vapshot every 10 minutes for 7 out of 8 hours, we have the following:

  1. Based on laboratory testing, each Vapshot contains 39mg of alcohol

  2. Each hour a person would accumulate 234mg of alcohol (39 x 6 = 234)

  3. The total amount of alcohol accumulated by consuming 6 Vapshots per hour for 7 out of 8 hours is 1,638 mg (234 x 7 = 1638)

  4. This amounts to a weighted average of 205 mg per hour (1638 / 8 = 205)

As demonstrated, consuming a Vapshot every 10 minutes for 7 out of 8 hours straight is over 2.9 times less than what the published safety standard level allows. Because we don’t expect or suggest that anyone actually consume alcohol continuously for 8 hours, the actual alcohol accumulation would be much lower. (Please note: OSHA does not test or endorse products, they only provide the safety standards)